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Oga Aquarium GAO From the Sea of Fertility around Akita to the Global Oceans, the Cradle of Marine Life Penguin
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Two routes are available from Funakawa to GAO: Namahage Line and a route via Monzen.

Namahage Line
The road is relatively straight and wide.
Recommended for those who want to get to GAO directly in a shorter time.

Route via Monzen@
The road travels along the coastline, where you can find various tourist attractions.
Recommended for those who prefer to enjoy the scenery even taking a longer time than via the other route.

The parking lots accommodate 630 cars in total.


OgaAquarium GAO NICKNAME AND LOGO Togashiohama, Oga, Akita 010-0673 JAPAN Sandfish (Hatahata)